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Closing time.
October made me happy.

Many thanks to everybody who was part of the October exhibition at Farbenladen: you made me happy. From building up the show til closing there has been such a good support from all around.

A special thanks to my helping hands Michi Acapulco, Alex Gutsch, Michael Kuri and my parents (!), to the musical support Dr. Kern, Deep Down Dave, Tom Sue feat Niklas, Querfeldreim and Kommando Cool, to the Feierwerk Crew Christian Kiesler, Nora Ollech, Carina Lange und Ina Hedwig, to my tech mates Olli and Thomas.

Within these four weeks so many guests followed my invitation or came in by chance, walking or driving by. The feedback was awesome and the variety of people coming in was stunning. I would have opened for one more month but a refresh is needed and the next exhibition is knocking at my door.

If there’s anyone out there who’s interested in taking the open artwork (and donating a free but fair amount for a good purpose), please feel free to contact me. To my sidekicks at the wall: it was a pleasure painting with you (or watching you paint). See ya next time.

xxx peace xxx


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